About ALTA Land Surveys and why They are Important

lotAnyone looking to have a piece of land surveyed can benefit from an ALTA Land Title Survey. It not only gives you a more detailed report than a border survey but must meet strict national requirements.  There are several things included in the final report that could be immensely helpful.

Evidence of Other Party Use

This information can alert you to possible illegal activity taking place on the property or be an indication that the property is used as a shortcut to another location. In any case, you will be aware of the presence of others on the property.

Zoning Setbacks

There are different regulations for residential properties and commercial properties. Even among commercial properties, there are specific rules about the types of businesses that can exist in certain areas. Knowing the zoning information about a piece of property can help you make an informed decision about its worth.

The Owners of the Adjoining Property

Sometimes companies will own the adjoining properties, other times they belong to individuals. If there are specific types of companies or individuals that you are either trying to avoid or be close to, this information can change the value of the property in your eyes.
There are many more things included in the final report that can help you appropriately assess and assign a value to a property. The more you can know about a property, the better. For information on ALTA or construction surveys, call Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930.