Reasons You Need to Look Into FEMA Elevation Certificates

Living near water, be it an ocean, a river or a lake, can be a homeowner’s dream. Without proper planning, though, a weather event can turn that dream into a nightmare. Before you build or add on to your house, you need to know where your property is situated in the area’s floodplain. Protect Your […]

Understanding Topographic Surveys

During the planning and construction of buildings and other structures, knowledge of the surrounding area is extremely vital. As a result, a topographic survey and the topographic map that is subsequently created can be highly beneficial. How It Is Mapped Out Surveyors will examine almost every fixed object that one may find outside including trees, […]

About ALTA Land Surveys and why They are Important

Anyone looking to have a piece of land surveyed can benefit from an ALTA Land Title Survey. It not only gives you a more detailed report than a border survey but must meet strict national requirements.  There are several things included in the final report that could be immensely helpful. Evidence of Other Party Use […]

Three Advantages of Survey Maps

A home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. Whether you are purchasing land to build a home or buying a property with an existing residence, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the property lines. Hiring a professional survey company will give you the confidence you need to protect your investment. […]

Reasons Construction Surveys Are Important to New Sites

Constructing a new building can be exciting, and the new site may become an important fixture within the community. However, before you get to work, it is crucial to conduct a construction survey for several reasons. Assurance That the Land Is Safe Before you start laying down the foundation or have your workers on the […]

The Importance of Insurance and Flood Elevation Surveys

Every year there are news reports of flooding disasters throughout the world. While those catastrophes may never affect you, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Weather analysts are already predicting unusually robust El Niño activity for the upcoming year. This has strong implications for individuals residing in coastal areas, and precautions should be […]