Reasons You Need to Look Into FEMA Elevation Certificates

View of lake from modern house

Living near water, be it an ocean, a river or a lake, can be a homeowner’s dream. Without proper planning, though, a weather event can turn that dream into a nightmare. Before you build or add on to your house, you need to know where your property is situated in the area’s floodplain.

Protect Your Family and Your Belongings

By getting elevation documentation, you will have an accurate indication of different elevations, or heights, on your property and how it compares to the past flooding events. Armed with this information, you will know how high to have your home’s first floor constructed to reduce potential damage in future floods. In fact, local ordinances may require this type of documentation before construction can even begin. If you are planning a major remodel to an existing home, you may be required to complete this step as part of the permitting process. Don’t ruin your new remodel by building it below historic flood levels.

No Certificate, No Insurance

A FEMA elevation certificate can be an important part of obtaining insurance. If you are in or near a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), you may need special flood insurance. By going through the process, you will learn about your risks, flood insurance needs and what your insurance premiums will be.
If you are planning a construction project in Monterey, call Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930 to learn more about FEMA Elevation Certificates.

Understanding Topographic Surveys

topographyDuring the planning and construction of buildings and other structures, knowledge of the surrounding area is extremely vital. As a result, a topographic survey and the topographic map that is subsequently created can be highly beneficial.

How It Is Mapped Out

Surveyors will examine almost every fixed object that one may find outside including trees, utility poles, manholes, walls and much more. Moreover, surveyors will typically measure the height, depth and length of various natural features like mountains and lakes. Instruments used during the survey are typically GPS units and electronic EDM instruments, which utilizes radio and light waves to take measurements.

What Does It Measure

Once the survey is completed, the information is then used to make a topographical map based on the information and measurements gathered. When looking at such map, one can see whether some areas are in higher elevation than others or how deep a lake is.

Reasons to Use This Kind of Survey

Topographic surveys can be very important to many professions. For example, real estate developer planning the location of the next project may need to know the layout of the land in order to not build on a very steep location. Furthermore, a local government official can use a topographic map to determine the ideal location for sewer pipes or electric cables to best serve the city. Researchers can also use the information provided by topographic surveys to study the changes in the land over time.

The careful study of the land can be useful to a wide array of researchers, professionals and government organizations. Call Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930 to learn more about topographic surveys.

About ALTA Land Surveys and why They are Important

lotAnyone looking to have a piece of land surveyed can benefit from an ALTA Land Title Survey. It not only gives you a more detailed report than a border survey but must meet strict national requirements.  There are several things included in the final report that could be immensely helpful.

Evidence of Other Party Use

This information can alert you to possible illegal activity taking place on the property or be an indication that the property is used as a shortcut to another location. In any case, you will be aware of the presence of others on the property.

Zoning Setbacks

There are different regulations for residential properties and commercial properties. Even among commercial properties, there are specific rules about the types of businesses that can exist in certain areas. Knowing the zoning information about a piece of property can help you make an informed decision about its worth.

The Owners of the Adjoining Property

Sometimes companies will own the adjoining properties, other times they belong to individuals. If there are specific types of companies or individuals that you are either trying to avoid or be close to, this information can change the value of the property in your eyes.
There are many more things included in the final report that can help you appropriately assess and assign a value to a property. The more you can know about a property, the better. For information on ALTA or construction surveys, call Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930.

Three Advantages of Survey Maps

3-advantages-survey-mapsA home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. Whether you are purchasing land to build a home or buying a property with an existing residence, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the property lines. Hiring a professional survey company will give you the confidence you need to protect your investment. A survey map can determine:

The Location of the Home
This information is often described inaccurately on the contract. This survey accurately tells you where the home is on the property you are looking to purchase.

Precise Locations of Improvements to the Property
Garages and gardens may legally be on a neighbor’s property. A survey can indicate issues prior to potentially costly legal disagreements.

Locations of All Property Lines, Easements and Rights-Of Way
The map will show the dimensions and lines of the property described in the contract of purchase. This will include any variances of length, area and angles. Your attorney can review the property survey and ensure compliance with zoning laws, too.

A survey map is an important tool to protect the huge investment of a home. A professional survey company will complete a thorough evaluation of the land, residence and improvements to determine compliance with your contract. For further information on survey maps and their benefits, contact Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930.

Reasons Construction Surveys Are Important to New Sites

surverying-landConstructing a new building can be exciting, and the new site may become an important fixture within the community. However, before you get to work, it is crucial to conduct a construction survey for several reasons.

Assurance That the Land Is Safe

Before you start laying down the foundation or have your workers on the site, it is important to get a survey to ensure the area is secure. You will also receive information relevant to the actual construction process. You may find out that there is something unique about the landscape that needs to be taken into consideration before you get to work.

Problem Areas Are Detected Sooner

One of the biggest hassles you can contend with on a construction job is beginning building the property only to discover an issue that hampers the entire project. You may need to tear pieces down and start from scratch depending on the severity of the issue. Having a survey conducted allows you to get ahead of the problem so that you save time and money.
The information provided by a construction survey is invaluable. It is preferable to get a survey so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. If you are looking to survey your new project site, contact Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey at 831-394-4930.

The Importance of Insurance and Flood Elevation Surveys

house3Every year there are news reports of flooding disasters throughout the world. While those catastrophes may never affect you, it’s much better to be safe than sorry. Weather analysts are already predicting unusually robust El Niño activity for the upcoming year. This has strong implications for individuals residing in coastal areas, and precautions should be taken to prevent potential catastrophe. If you live in a coastal area, here are two questions you may have:

1. Why Should Homeowners Care about Flood Elevation Surveys?

A flood elevation survey will help determine the proper insurance premium for the property. Many standard insurance policies do not cover flood damage. Homeowners should preemptively have their property analyzed and insured to avoid costly repairs or replacements in the coming year.

2. What Is El Niño?

El Niño is an intricate pattern of weather events that take place in the ocean starting toward the end of the year. El Niño events occur every few years and are identified by an unusual warming of the ocean during the winter months. As a result, people living in areas with cold weather will experience a warmer winter. While warmer winters translate to fewer snow days, minimized heating costs and less time shoveling out cars, they also can bring massive flooding and erosion to the country’s coasts. Consequently, flood elevation surveys and insurance are a good recommendation for all property owners in areas with flood risk. Visit Central Coast Surveyors in Monterey to learn more about how flood elevation surveys and insurance can protect you and your property.